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    Re: rabbit character

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    Posted by Randi on 2/3/2001, 2:19 pm , in reply to "Re: rabbit character"

    Ace Duck.. okay...

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    : The duck character was named Ace Duck.
    : He was mainly a character in the
    : TMNT comics. As far as I know,
    : his only appearance in the TMNT
    : cartoon series was as a character
    : on a TV show that the Turtles were
    : watching (I remember Michaelangelo
    : saying that he was watching the
    : "Ace Duck Film
    : Festival.") I think that was
    : the "Attack of the Big
    : Macc" episode. The only
    : other way I know about him (since
    : I'm not a big fan of the TMNT
    : comics) is that they made an
    : action figure of him.


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