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    Posted by Rubara on 3/16/2001, 11:34 am , in reply to "Topic of Discussion"

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    : I also agree with some of the recent
    : comments that this message board
    : has been too quiet. I think that
    : one way to generate more interest
    : in it is for someone to start a
    : topic of discussion. Since I'm
    : already here posting, I'll start:
    : What is one particularly memorable
    : scene in a TMNT cartoon or movie?
    : One that comes to mind for me, in
    : this case for being funny, is in
    : the episode called "Pirate
    : Radio." After finding out
    : about Krang's plan, which involves
    : a chasm, Bebop and Rocksteady rap
    : about it: "Come to Krang's
    : chasm, don't delay, jump right in
    : disappear today!"

    Link: Rubara's place


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