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    Posted by HorseTurtle on 5/4/2001, 9:18 am , in reply to "TMNT Comics"

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    : How many comics are there from each
    : publisher of TMNT? I can only by
    : up to #23 for each on the official
    : page, but I found more over the
    : web, and I just don't want to miss
    : any.

    As far as Mirage comics are concerned, they put out two volumes. Then Image tried to back them up after.

    The original B/W volume of Mirage goes up to issue... #61? It basically ends with the City at War series, so you got a long way to go!

    Good places to go looking for them is on Ebay, and at your local (or distant) comic shops. Comicbook conventions are also a hotspot. Could also do internet searches for anyone else selling the back issues too.

    After the first volume, is a short color series that picked up after City at War. it's 13 issues long, and done mostly by Jim Lawson.

    Then Image publishing/Erick Larson took over the TMNT comic. They lasted to about #23, before falling flat on their faces. This comic was done in BW, and the story lines are short of being unsettling.

    As far as the Archie series goes... it's also up there in numbers. I don't collect them, so I can't say for sure.

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