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    Re: General Traag

    Posted by Cammy on 5/14/2001, 8:02 pm , in reply to "General Traag"

    Traag is the leader of Krang's Stone Warriors in Dimension X. He was after the Neutrinos (kids) because they were trying to stop the war in Dimension X (before the Technodrome was sent there by the Turtles). He was last seen in Turtle Trek in a scene with Shredder and Krang then wasn't shown again, especially when the Technodrome fell into that plant pit.

    The Ninja Turtles Network at http://www.ninjaturtlesnetwork.com has a few eps at a time to download. I can tell you now that Traag was in:

    Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X
    Shredder is Splintered
    Usagi Yojimbo
    The Big Break In (possibly)
    The big Blowout
    Four Turtles and a Baby (possibly)
    Rock Around The Block
    Shredder Triumphant
    Wrath of the Rat King; and
    Turtle Trek

    I hope I haven't missed any!


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