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    Inconsistencies in episodes

    Posted by gary on 6/29/2001, 8:17 pm

    Why is it that when the technodrome was sent to dimension-x by a missle and hit an asteroid head first, that in the next season, it's now standing up the right way next to a volcano? Where was the technodrome located within dimension-x when krang first brought it back to earth? On an asteroid? In another episode krang mentioned that when the volcano errupted, it completely destroyed the technodrome's main computer. Yet, in a later episode with the neutrinos, Krang discovers that the mountain the technodrome is on is a volcano? I also remember and episode when shreddar asked krang if he was still trying to get the technodrome free from dimension-x and krang said,"Everybody's got to have a hobby. I assure shreddar, it can be done." Later in that episode, krang turns the asteroid into a spaceship, not even trying to free the technodrome. Why is it that sometimes, the technodrome has all five cannons and sometimes it only has two or three?


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