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    Re: Inconsistencies in episodes

    Posted by gary on 7/7/2001, 10:12 pm , in reply to "Re: Inconsistencies in episodes"

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    : : Why is it that when the technodrome
    : was
    : sent to dimension-x by a missle
    : and hit an asteroid head first,
    : that in the next season, it's now
    : standing up the right way next to
    : a volcano?
    : That's a very good question. They
    : probably switched writers between
    : the two eps. I also noticed that
    : in that same ep, the Turtles
    : mention that in the previous ep
    : Shredder was trying to get Channel
    : 6's new broadcasting equipment
    : when he really wasn't.
    : Where was the
    : technodrome located within
    : dimension-x when krang first
    : brought it back to earth? On an
    : asteroid? In another episode krang
    : mentioned that when the volcano
    : errupted, it completely destroyed
    : the technodrome's main computer.
    : Yet, in a later episode with the
    : neutrinos, Krang discovers that
    : the mountain the technodrome is on
    : is a volcano?
    : Krang discovers the volcano in
    : "The Dimension X Story"
    : and tries to use explosives to
    : free the Technodrome, but is
    : thwarted my Mike and Raph whom
    : Shredder had transported earlier
    : in the episode. The volcano
    : erupted and surrounded the
    : Tecjnodrome's wheels and damaged
    : the main computer. In the episode
    : that follows, Krang mentions that
    : the volcano damaged the maion
    : computer, so that's how those two
    : fit in.
    Now wait a minute, are you saying that the dimension-x story was before return of son of the fly II?


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