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    Re: Hey, I'm new and just wanted to say hi!!

    Posted by Optimus Prime on 8/8/2001, 10:32 pm , in reply to "Re: Hey, I'm new and just wanted to say hi!!"

    Thanks man!!

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    : Hey!
    : Welcome to the gang!
    : Hope ya like it. =O)
    : Cowabunga!
    : TurtleFan00
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    : Hey, I'm new to the board! It looks
    : cool!
    : I used to be a huge TMNT fan when I
    : was young (now I'm 22), and my
    : love for TMNT is coming back! I
    : started playing TMNT NES games
    : again (those games are great), and
    : I just bought 2 TMNT games for the
    : sega genisis. I even went down
    : into my basement to look at my
    : TMNT figures, and they are in
    : great shape. In my opinion TMNT
    : cartoon is second only to
    : Transformers (G1 American Series).
    : I am a huge Transformer fan as
    : many of you probably recognized
    : from my name, Optimus Prime is my
    : favorite.
    : Well, I just wanted to say hey!!
    : :


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