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    Re: yes!!

    Posted by Rachel on 8/13/2001, 1:57 pm , in reply to "yes!!"


    Thanks for signing. In a way, it kinda did help bring the turtles back!!!! Have you haerd about the new CGI TMNT movie and series they're doing later next year?
    It'a gonna be some awesome! If ya wanna see a bunch of screenshots from the movie, go to www.ninjaturtles.com and click on Peter Laird's blast from the past. From Don's new costume up, they've all got screenshots at the bottom of them. Thanks again for signing!
    --Previous Message--
    : I just signed, I hope it works or
    : atleast helps bring the great
    : Turtles back!
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    : Hey!
    : Do any of you want the TMNT cartoon
    : back?
    : Do any of you want a 4th TMNT movie
    : made?
    : Well if you said yes,
    : then sign this petition at: to get
    : the TMNT cartoon back sign,
    : http://www.PetitionOnline.com/998877/
    : To get a 4th TMNT movie made sign at,
    : http://www.PetitionOnline.com/TMNT4MOV/
    : Please sign,
    : If you do, maybe we can get our
    : beloved turtles back.
    : Cheers!
    : Rachel
    : :


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