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    Re: What is everyones favorite TMNT game?

    Posted by TurtleFan00 on 8/13/2001, 2:03 pm , in reply to "What is everyones favorite TMNT game?"

    Man! TMNT the Hyperstone Heist is totally awesomE!!!!! The graphics are ten times better than TMNT 3. I know, I've got 'em all. You're gonna love 'em. Fighters is okay I guess...I haven't played it much. Look for TMNT Turtles in Time. It's got the same graphics as Hyperstone and is just like it. It's for Super Nentendo, but if you want, i can tell you where you can download it, and all of the TMNT games for your computer. Tell me if you want 'em.

    --Previous Message--
    : I will say mine is TMNT 3 for the NES,
    : but they are all great!
    : I hope TMNT Hyperstone Heist and
    : Tournament fighters are good for
    : the Sega Genesis, because I
    : recently bought them, but haven't
    : recieved them yet.


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