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    Re: New TMNT Movie and cartoon!

    Posted by TurtleFan00 on 8/14/2001, 12:58 pm , in reply to "New TMNT Movie and cartoon!"

    Hey dude!

    Glad you're excited. They're sayin' that the new movie and series are going to be a little more adult. They are both going to be computer animation. Peter Laird isn't sure if Bebob and Rocksteady are even going to be in this. It will not be based on the cartoon at all, sadly. Splinter will be a rat, the story lines will be like the old comics and the three movies. Sadly, there won't be pizza or cowabunga in the new projects. I'm mad about that. If you've got qeustions, you can go to the TMNT website at, www.ninjaturtles.com and check out the Peter Laird interview. He answers all your qeustion about the new series and movie. I'll yap at cha later dude!


    --Previous Message--
    : That's nice a new TMNT movie is coming
    : out
    : next year I am going to see it. Will
    : it be
    : more adult? I also heard about a new
    : TMNT
    : cartoon coming out too. Will that be
    : more
    : adult as well and pick up where the
    : old
    : series left off? I think for the new
    : Movie
    : I think Bebop and Rocksteady should
    : not be
    : Mutants anymore and be human and
    : Splinter
    : should be restored back to the man he
    : used
    : to be. He's been a rat for so long.


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