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    Re: Who's your favorite Turtle?

    Posted by TurtleFan00 on 8/16/2001, 11:33 am , in reply to "Who's your favorite Turtle?"

    Gee Optimus! Me too!
    I like all of the turtles, Michaelangelo is my fav. My fav is Mikey, but I'm probably most like Raphael. (Sad but true)
    =O) Yeah, I think Mikey's love for Pizza is really funny. I love pizza too. Just as long as a Pizza Monster doesn't hatch from it!!! =O) It's awful how they're not putting Pizza or Cowabunga in the new movie. =O(


    --Previous Message--
    : I like them all, but Michealangelo is
    : my favorite! His love for pizza
    : (I love it too) and his sense of
    : humor is great. He also is a
    : great fighter with his nunchakus!!
    : Great Turtle!!


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