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    Re: Poll:Do you guys like the old turtles look or the new?

    Posted by TurtleFan00 on 8/16/2001, 12:06 pm , in reply to "Poll:Do you guys like the old turtles look or the new?"

    Sorry it took me so darn long!!! =O)

    I like the 1987-1993 look MUCH better.
    I didn't like Dregg and Mung at all. I really though it was terrible when Krang and Shredd-head didn't come back. Ya know?
    I liked the 1987-1993 seasons because, like Optimus Prime, I grew up watching those. I was little, but anyway... I was introduced to the TMNT through my brother. (Well, at least he's good for something.) =O) He was totally obsessed with it and it led to me being totally obsessed with TMNT. Neat, huh? *grin*



    --Previous Message--
    : By that I mean for the cartoon.Did you
    : like the 1994 -1996 attitude look
    : or the 1985 - 1993 look.
    : Personally I thought the 1994
    : look made the turtles look
    : cooler.Their bandana was kinda
    : torn where you could see the green
    : on the eye part which looked cool
    : to me and I liked their little
    : transformation thing in thr 95 -96
    : season.


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