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    Re: Hmmmh...

    Posted by Nyks on 6/2/2000, 7:08 am , in reply to "Re: Hmmmh..."

    --Previous Message--
    : Hey thanks for the compliments. It's
    : nice to see a message that's
    : actually on topic as opposed to
    : the seemingly endless "make
    : money quick" posts... I
    : agree that most people who post
    : here seem to lack intelligence,
    : but the messages I deleted were
    : even worse!!! (if possible )

    Well, I always questioned the intelligence of people who post to msg boards in general, myself included. It's just too bad that the whiney brain had to answer instead of my whiney caped crusader. Ahh well, I suppose I'll survive.
    You need to get a regular crew that'll check the site and this place out more often to get some topic related conversation going, otherwise I fear you'll be doomed to face more advertisers.


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