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    Great Job Man!!

    Posted by Optimus Prime on 8/20/2001, 1:05 pm , in reply to "Re: Hey TurtleFan00, this is how to post a pic!!"

    It worked!!!! Michealangelo is the man!! Wow, Mike looks cool!

    I'm Glad I could help.

    --Previous Message--
    : : Dude! Thanks for the tips man. I hope
    : this works!!! =O) drumroll please!
    : It's supposed to be a pic of
    : Michaelangelo from the new CGI
    : pilot
    : for the new movie. Did it work??? Heh
    : heh. That's our Mikey.
    : COWABUNGA!!!
    : TurtleFan00
    : --Previous Message--
    : 1st. find the picture you want to use
    : on the internet.
    : 2nd. find out the address of that pic
    : (URL).
    : -you do that by right clicking the
    : picture
    : -then click on properties
    : -then copy the address of the pic
    : (URL)
    : 3rd. Paste it into the text box in
    : your post called (Optional Image
    : URL)
    : Then you got yourself a picture
    : man!!!!
    : -let me know how it goes!
    : :


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