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    Re: Poll: Fav form of TMNT?

    Posted by Optimus Prime on 8/20/2001, 1:13 pm , in reply to "Poll: Fav form of TMNT?"

    I like them all, but I will say the TMNT Cartoon. Even though I haven't seen any in a very long time, I remember having soooo much fun watching them. I am thinking about buying some cartoon episodes, does anybody recommend a certain episode.

    So, my list is like this:

    1. Cartoon
    2. Movies
    3. Comic
    4. Singing, Dancing Turtles

    --Previous Message--
    : Hey dudes!
    : What's your fav form of TMNT? Comics?
    : Cartoon? Movies? Singing, dancing
    : turtles?
    : =O)Whaddah think?
    : COWABUNGA!!!
    : TurtleFan00


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