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    Re: Sup! I'm new

    Posted by TurtleFan00 on 8/25/2001, 7:12 am , in reply to "Sup! I'm new"

    Yo dude!!!

    Welcome! Yeah, we hope ya like it here...
    even though not many turtle fans are here right now. I've been a TMNT fan for my whole life too. And I totally agree about NT:NM. I think it really, totally, stunk. But that's just my opinion. =O)
    Anyway, welcome dude!
    Ninjas do not live by pizza alone...
    ...but it sure helps.

    BTW, the pic is of Donatello and Master Splinter from the new CGI turtle movie coming out next fall. If ya were wonderin'...
    --Previous Message--
    : Hey hows everybody doin? I've been a
    : TMNT fan for my entire life. I've
    : seen every movie and watched the
    : cartoon and the live-action show
    : (which wasn't to cool.) Anyway,
    : I'll be hangin around. Till next
    : time, C'ya!


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