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    Re: TMNT Tournament Fighters

    Posted by TurtleFan00 on 8/30/2001, 10:18 am , in reply to "TMNT Tournament Fighters"

    I think it rocks.
    I haven't played it much though, because my computer ate it. (Darn things...) =O)
    I might get it again when I can find some time. =O)
    Catch ya later dudes!
    Turtle Power!

    --Previous Message--
    : I have heard mixed feelings on this
    : game, but I like it a lot. I just
    : recently got the game and I have
    : been playing it a lot, I think it
    : is fun.
    : I used Michealangelo first (because
    : he is my favorite turtle), and
    : became really good with him. I
    : beat the one player game, and it
    : wasn't easy. Karai is really
    : tough to beat, her body slams are
    : ruthless! Now I am using Raphael,
    : and getting quite good with him.
    : So what are your opinions on the
    : game, and your thoughts about it.


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