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    Re: I'm baaaaaack!!!

    Posted by TurtleFan00 on 8/30/2001, 10:22 am , in reply to "I'm baaaaaack!!!"

    Heh. Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been really busy. But now that I've finished, I'll be here a lot more. =O)
    Have you guys been lonely without me?
    *Grin* Heh. Catch ya later dudes.
    Turtle Power!!
    P.S. The pic (if it works, I'm still new with this stuff) is Raphael fighting a foot ninja on top of a truck. It's from the new CGI pilot.

    --Previous Message--
    : Hey dudes!
    : Ol' TurtleFan00 is back in town!!!
    : Heh heh. Anyway, I wanted to
    : remind everyone, (there's not that
    : many people here!) to go to
    : www.ninjaturtlesnetwork.com . if
    : we can enough support,
    : TheShredder1 will put up all the
    : complete eps. again. just
    : reminding you!!!
    : COWABUNGA!!!


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