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    Re: Lost TMNT game!!!!!

    Posted by TurtleFan00 on 8/30/2001, 10:38 am , in reply to "Re: Lost TMNT game!!!!!"

    Not the manhattan PROJECT. The manhattan MISSIONS. I was just playing it this morning. I know it exsits. It's a PC game resleased about 1993. or was it 1992? I forgot. =O)

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    : : Manhattan Project was a NES game, you
    : guys are dumb....jk :D
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    : Most people don't know about it. I
    : didn't know about it until I was
    : searching for TMNT one day and it
    : came up. Weird huh? It's not like
    : any of the other games. The
    : graphics are actually pretty good.
    : It is based alot on the movies,
    : with alot of the cartoon bad guys.
    : The graphics are like the movie
    : too, like their bandannas are
    : long, and that kinda stuff. Casey
    : Jones is also in it. I downloaded
    : it, because it's abandonware. That
    : means it's totally legal to
    : download it. I got it from home of
    : the underdogs, but there's like
    : tons of other places too. But, to
    : answer your qeustion, it's not
    : really like any of the other
    : games. It's very original. But
    : it's got a wicked intro. Have you
    : ever read the very first TMNT
    : comic book? Well, the intro is
    : like the first ten pages. It's
    : kinda hard to explain. Anyway,
    : sorry this is so long!
    : =O)Catch ya later!
    : COWABUNGA!!!
    : TurtleFan00
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    : WOW, I didn't even know it existed!
    : What is it like? Is it similar to
    : other TMNT games, if so which one
    : is it like?
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    : Nobody seems to know about the PC
    : game,
    : TMNT: The Manhattan Missions. It's
    : like it was lost or something.
    : Even the TMNT web site doesn't
    : have it! Bummer, huh? =O)I have
    : it, and it rocks. I've got a link
    : if anybody wants to download it.
    : I'll see you dudes later!
    : COWABUNGA!!!
    : TurtleFan00
    : :
    : :


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