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    Re: I Believe You man.

    Posted by TurtleFan00 on 9/10/2001, 8:49 pm , in reply to "I Believe You man."

    At least somebody does!
    There was a dude, (check out his post) who said I was dumb for thinking TMNT: the manhattan missions exsited. Oh...I could feel the Raph in me starting to let loose! =O) I'll post pics ASAP.

    --Previous Message--
    : I know for sure that game exists
    : because you showed me a link where
    : it talks about that specific game
    : and it is a computer game. Before
    : you told me about it, I didn't
    : know it existed, but it does
    : exist. TMNT: Manhatten Missions
    : must be a really rare game.
    : If you can find a pic, that would be
    : cool!


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