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    Re: To be CGI or not to be CGI...

    Posted by JayC on 9/16/2001, 1:03 pm , in reply to "To be CGI or not to be CGI..."

    I still think it'll be awsome. It would be cool if it continued off of the original cel-animated series.

    --Previous Message--
    : Bad news dudes!! I was talking to
    : Mirage Web Dude Dan Berger, and he
    : said
    : that the new CGI TMNT show is NOT
    : GOING TO BE CGI!!! It'll be cel
    : animated.
    : like the old show. That rocks, but I
    : was looking forward to CGI
    : turtles.
    : O( But don't lose all hope! The new
    : cartoon will be out September
    : 2002. And
    : the movie will still be CGI. It'll be
    : out within four years.
    : Catch ya later dudes!
    : Cowabunga!
    : TurtleFan00
    : September 11th...
    : 9/11


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