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    Re: Is there proof that the technodrome was destroyed?

    Posted by Lord Vega on 9/23/2001, 8:36 pm , in reply to "Is there proof that the technodrome was destroyed?"

    The Technodrome was never REALLY destroyed. Cammy is right when on "TURTLE TREK" episode, the Technodrome was pulled to a pit, but it wasn't fatally damaged (although the TMNT destroyed it's engines before it the plant pulled it).
    On the last ep, the Technodrome is shown in ruins, but still "complete".

    --Previous Message--
    : Did anyone actually see it get
    : destroyed in the alleged final
    : episode? Cammy was saying that it
    : got fatally damaged when the plant
    : pulled it down into the pit but
    : how many times has the techndrome
    : been severely damaged? It was
    : slammed into an asteroid in
    : dimension-x when it was carried
    : off by a missle and then shot
    : mercilessly by General Tragg's
    : army who thought it was the earth.
    : I mean what happened when those
    : giant bugs were rounded up and
    : sent back to dimension-x when
    : krang got crazy with mutagen?
    : Shreddar, krang, rocksteady and
    : beebop were trapped with giant
    : insects. what did they do?
    : On another note,what ever happened to
    : baxter stockman? In one episode,
    : he tried to go to dimension-x in a
    : space ship using it's trans-warp
    : drive but donatello had a critical
    : component that the ship needed as
    : a result it failed. The ship fell
    : apart and baxter landed in a
    : spider web. Now how did he get out
    : of the web from that spider? did
    : the remnants of the computer break
    : him free? That's another
    : inconsistency.


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