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    Online TMNT Eps Trading

    Posted by Lord Vega on 9/23/2001, 8:56 pm

    For the ones interested in ading TMNT episodes, you can do it with the programs Kazaa and Morpheus, I'll be puting the episodes online everyday at 8:00/9:00 pm of NY time.

    I'd like to download the 5 first eps:
    Turtle Tracks
    Enter The Shredder
    A Thing About Rats
    Hot Rodding Teenagers From Dimension X
    Shredder is Splintered

    Here are the episodes that I have:

    18 Return Of The Technodrome
    19 Beneath These Streets
    20 Turtles On Trial
    22 The Gang's All Here
    29 April Foolish
    31 The Ninja Sword Of Nowhere
    33 Take Me To Your Leader
    36 The Turtle Terminator
    41 Green With Jealousy
    43 The Missing Map
    45 The Grybyx
    51 Camera Bugged
    60 Mr Ogg Comes To Town
    62 ShredderVille
    63 The Big Rip Off
    64 The Big Break In
    65 The Big Blow Out
    66 Plan Six From Outer Space
    67 Tower Of Power
    68 Rust Never Sleeps
    69 A Real Snow Job
    70 Venice On The Half Shell


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