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    Re: techno drome vs. turtle blimp

    Posted by Lord Vega on 10/8/2001, 7:30 pm , in reply to "techno drome vs. turtle blimp"

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    : i say the techno drome is about as big
    : as a really big plane, or perhaps
    : a blimp. but perhaps more deadly.
    : ther eis one question i cannot
    : awnser, and it is this.
    : if the the techno drome got into a
    : battle with the turtle blimp who
    : would win

    That would be suicide....
    Think about it....
    The Technodrome has LOADS of weapons, missiles lauchers, lasers.... without counting the army of Technohovers, Technowings and, of course, the army of Foot Soldiers, Stone Warriors, Rock Soldiers, Roadkill Rodneys.... and many other robots...
    The Turtle Blimp would be reduced to atoms!!!!


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