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    Re: "i checked #tmnt on dalnet only to find those people wouldnt help me"

    Posted by radixvir on 11/7/2001, 5:46 pm , in reply to ""i checked #tmnt on dalnet only to find those people wouldnt help me""

    ya dude....if they were still on tv id be happy to watch them! but they are not. so where else am i supposed to watch them. its not like mirage is losing any money...they arent selling them anymore or making new ones. its the same with some old video game systems. i dont understand why nes roms are illegal if the company isnt going to be making any money off them anyway. just like you said - how are the turtles supposed to come back if people cant even see the best of them.

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    : to your responce radixvir :
    : "i checked #tmnt on dalnet only
    : to find those people wouldnt help
    : me"
    : i couldn't agree with you more. Alot
    : of people (not all) at #tmnt must
    : worship Mirage of something
    : because i also and a friend of
    : mine (a long time ago) asked for
    : there help about downloading TMNT
    : eps. The reason i said they
    : "worship Mirage" is
    : because they refused to give me
    : and my friend any help about where
    : to get the TMNT eps from. They
    : were saying things like
    : "Mirage wouldn't like
    : that" and "thats
    : illegal", which yes thats
    : true but it's illegal to tape
    : things off T.V too. they also had
    : some crazy idea that the turtles
    : would after the 4th movie would
    : become bigger than they were in
    : 90's.
    : Whats my point?, If you can't even
    : ask TMNT fans where to get TMNT
    : eps from, then how are people
    : going to like them and get
    : interested in them.
    : i guess radixvir we will just have to
    : wait until shredder at
    : www.ninjaturtlesnetwork.com puts
    : them back online. He has every
    : single ep, the lost eps and the
    : Euro eps. We will just have to
    : wait until he puts them up


    • spot on - Ratking 11/8/2001, 4:34 am

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