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    Re: Horror Movies

    Posted by Nickokapo on 7/24/2002, 12:37 am , in reply to "Horror Movies"

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    : Does anyone notice that the Turtles
    : cartoon episodes do subtle
    : parodies. I mean Rahzar looks like
    : The Wolfman, Muckman has a close
    : resemblance to the Swamp Thing,
    : Krang is very much like The Brain,
    : Merdude is like the Creature From
    : The Black Lagoon, Casey Jones is
    : like Jason and Shredder is like
    : Freddy Krueger, and Baxter
    : Stockman is like The Fly. Do you
    : know what I'm talking about?
    Im not sure i know what you are talking about but it's funny, i never thought tin-head looked like freddy krueger =]


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