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    Re: Shredder quotes

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    Posted by tano on 11/2/2000, 8:11 am , in reply to "Re: Shredder quotes"

    I love shredder's personality
    --Previous Message--
    : Yes, I truly am a man of many talents.
    : I'm famous for posting
    : "Quotes of the Day" in
    : our Yahoo club "The
    : Technodrome," so we decided
    : to add a similar feature to our
    : page. I do think that Krang has a
    : list of all the quotes I've posted
    : in that club somewhere, since he's
    : the one who does most of the
    : actual computer work on this page.
    : Oh, and about your previous post,
    : Nyks, thanks for the
    : comments...Compliments like
    : "I love the helmet" are
    : truly much too few these days.
    : Well, I guess I've said all I have
    : to say so...
    : -Shredder
    : -PS-Quote of the Day-"It could
    : be worse...we might have wound up
    : in Dimension Z!" (from
    : "The Big Blowout")
    : -PPS-Hey, why not continue the
    : quoting tradition on this message
    : board, too?


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