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This is a list of all of the Dreamwave TMNT Animated comics. Click on the cover for a larger version.

TMNT Animated #1
(Special Edition)
TMNT Animated #1
TMNT Animated #2
TMNT Animated #3
TMNT Animated #4
TMNT Animated #5
TMNT Animated #6
TMNT Animated #7
What is your favorite way to enjoy your TMNT fandom?
Watching the TV shows/movies
216 Votes 49.8%
Reading the comics
86 Votes 19.8%
Creating TMNT fan works
19 Votes 4.4%
Collecting TMNT merchandise
69 Votes 15.9%
Interacting with other TMNT fans
13 Votes 3%
Playing TMNT games
31 Votes 7.1%
Total Votes: 434
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