Caption Contest
Come up with a funny caption for the picture below! The best captions will be put on the site.

Caption Contest #4
Shredder and Krang from Shredder & Splintered
(Contest closed. Check back soon for the results.)

Previous Winners:

Caption Contest #3:
Caption Contest #3
Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady from Cowabunga, Shredhead
Winners (in no particular order):

Shredder: That's him! That's the one that gave me a wedgie!

Look at the face on that fellow, you need to smile at work like he does. Bad mood at work is bad business!

Shredder: Is that the boy that beat you up in school today?
Bebop: *sob* . . . D'uh huh . . . *sob*

Shredder (to Bebop): "You mutant moron! If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times: Krang hates this joke! What does it say about us that we keep a picture of a bodyless Michaelangelo for a screensaver on our computer?!"
-Ninja Turtles Cartoon Fan

Caption Contest #2:
Caption Contest #2
Shredder and Donatello from Pizza by the Shred
Winners (in no particular order):

Shredder (to Donny): Krang's coming over in 15 minutes and I've burned the roast, what do I do. What do I do!??

Don: Where have you been?! We were supposed to have a fight here an hour ago!!!
Shredder: Sorry! My cape is still in the dryer, and I'm having a bad helmet day to boot!
Don: I don't care if your cape's covered in chocolate pudding and you're going bald! Get down here now!!!
Shredder: This day is just, like, totally ruined for me....I need chocolate...
-Machias B.

Donatello: Is your Technodrome running?
Shredder: No, I'm not using it. Wait... HA! Now you can't tell me to catch it! I'm smarter then you think!
Donatello: Then how come we just saw it on 42nd street?
Shredder: KRANG!!!!!!!!

Caption Contest #1:
Caption Contest #1
Bebop, Rocksteady, and a policeman from Rhino-Man
Winners (in no particular order):

Hey! This is a no-mutant zone! And tell your friend that he has his underwear on the outside! We have laws against indecency, you know!

Cop: Oh my gosh! This cape really is made of silk!
Rocksteady: See, I told youse that I'm a real superhero.
-Azure Turtle

Hmmm, it appears that while becoming a "good guy" Rocksteady swapped waistlines with the policeman... Interesting...

Rocksteady (to police man): Youse tinks dese tights make me look fat, don't youse?
Policeman: Uh...of course not! They're so you!
Bebop: Youse hittin' on my paley dere, buddy?
-Stella-Marie Paradisis

"What are you guys doing!, Dress up like a superhero day was last week!. Today it's dress up like a Police man!"
-Ryan Garfield

Rocksteady: "I'm not budging till youse let me wear your hat!"
Bebop: "Uh yeah! And I wants to play wit the siren!"
-Adam Whitlatch

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