Chapter 9

I waited for a moment before I entered the room. I entered to find a red faced Leo and couldn’t help but let out a snicker. He had deserved it.

Raph, like me, was obviously trying to recover from his embarrassment at the remark and bite down my own laughter.

The man I presumed to be Casey remarked in his Brooklyn accent, "Yo, the only three people in this here room that ain’t laughin’ with us is the ‘nerdo’ and da two love birds!"

"Casey!" April reprimanded, but it didn’t really work since she was laughing.

I chuckled to myself, then in a faint act of revenge, I picked up an object next to me and with minute accuracy, I tossed it, hoping it would find its mark. It did. Casey’s forehead!

"Ha! Let me try!" laughed a strangely playful Raph. He picked up a pillow lying nearby and threw it in the same direction I had.

"My turn!" Leo called as he reached to pick up an unknown object. He paused and looked my direction, suddenly remembering. "HEY! You gave me that nickname!"

Knowing that he was going to throw something at me, I ducked my head inside my shell. I felt the wind of the U.F.O as it whooshed over my body. I listened as it bounced off the wall behind me and then heard a cry of surprise.

‘Uh oh,’ I thought as I poked my head out of my shell. ‘Here comes more trouble.’

"What is the meaning of this?" Splinter asked angrily from behind me.

"Master Splinter! Gee! I thought that you were gonna meditate!" Leo cried in surprise.

"I decided to pay Casey and April a visit," Splinter explained calmly. "Now, what is the meaning of these senseless acts?"

Leo paused to think, and then gestured toward me. "She call me LEONERDO!" The whole room burst up in laughter except ‘Nerdo’, Splinter, and me, but any second I too would burst out.

"You are an adult; you should be offended by such petty remarks!"

"Petty?" I objected. "Actually, I was merely describing what he acted like most of the time in my opinion…"

"In such a degrading manner?"

"Well… no… When I was in school, my friends often called me a nerd…" I explained. "I called them nerds back. We took it as a complement… When you are a nerd at something, you’re good at it." This received blank stares from the group.

"I see what she means," Donnie said at last. "I’m a nerd when it comes to science because that’s what I’m good at."

I nodded my head. "And Venus is a nerd at being a Shinobi because that’s what she’s good at."

"So I’m a nerd at being a D.J. and a comedian!" Mike exclaimed.

"Err… Yeah Mikey."

"So I’m a Nerd at being a leader?" Leo said hopefully.

"Nah," Raph replied. "You’re just a nerd."

"Oh well then, you must be a nerd at fantasizing about…" Leo stopped mid-sentence and watched as Raph stormed toward the ladder. "Hey, dude! I’m Sorry! Okay? I didn’t mean it! Raph! Ah man!"

"Is it me or did this conversation just totally fly over my head?" I muttered aloud and followed after Raph. Hell, the guy scared me, but somebody had to make sure he was okay.

"Ave! Get back here!" Mikey shouted after me. "Raph ain’t exactly the safest person to be around when he’s mad!"

"I am fully aware of that, thank you."

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