Here is a listing of the characters I'm using in my fanfic so far...they are:
    Stuntman, movie star who does his own dangerous stunts in his films now is a animated character in his very own series.  In the storyline Chan is hired to work for a secret underground police network called SECTION 13 by his best friend Captain Black who is trying to destroy a criminal terrorist organization known as the DARKHAND.  In Season 1's episodes Chan was trying to retrieve talisman medallions with the powers of animal spirits before the Darkhand goons stole them first because the 13 talismans when combined together would release a powerful demon sorcerer ShenDu (Part human, part dragon) In Season 2's episodes after the defeat of ShenDu by Jackie Chan & Jade his tomboy niece other demon warriors from a parallel dimension loyal to ShenDu attempt to escape through portal doorways to conquer Earth but each & every time were defeated by Uncle Sheng, Chan's single parent guardian who chanted his CHI-Spells to send the demons back into their own dimension.
    Tomboy niece & sidekick partner who always insists on tagging along with Jackie on his dangerous assignments around the world.  Sometimes she saves the day for her big brother.
    Guardian & single parent to Chan & Jade.  His favorite quote "One More Thing" whenever he reprimands or scolds his nephew for getting into trouble and usually slaps him in the face.  It is he who uses his CHI-spells to banish the demon warriors back through the portal doorways.  Another favorite quote is "Aye-yi!!!" when he gets scared and it shows on his face too.
    A 6-ft sumo wrestler and once bodyguard to Valmont and the Darkhand Syndicate who always tried to destroy Chan.  But he always fails and in the end was fired from the Darkhand or defeated by ShenDu when the dragonlord sorcerer escaped from his prison after morphing to his true self after all 13 talismans were restored within his body.  Now he serves Uncle Sheng and always joins Chan & Jade in their missions to fight evil forces wherever they dare strike.
    The female shinobi mistress from the live-action "Ninja Turtles The Next Mutation" television show.  Venus is the master of mind-control by locking minds with her enemy and making them obey her will (Just like Spock's Vulcan mind control or nerve pinch) She also practices magic powers to conjure up energyballs and so forth.
    The lady fox samurai from Archies Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventure comics.  She is my #1 character in the series when she first joined the Heroes In A Halfshell and fell in love with Raphael.  Sadly however when the comics stopped coming out Ninjara and Raphael broke up their friendship, went their separate ways and never saw each other again!!!
    The demon sorcerer dragonlord from the Jackie Chan Adventures animated show.  He once escaped from his dimensional prison to take revenge against those who defeated him centuries ago by calling his dragon warriors to help him conquer the world only to be defeated by Chan & Jade when they removed all 13 talismans from his body, thus destroying his evil powers.  After his body was killed the dragonlord's ghost or spirit took possession of Valmont his 2nd In Command and leader of the Darkhand but once again he was vanquished when Uncle Sheng cast a CHI-spell on a magic sword and Jackie thrusted the weapon like slaying a dragon to which a glowing green aura of magic shot out, hit Valmont who gasped, cried out from the impact and ShenDu's ghost was ripped from Valmont's body and banished back into his own dimension forever.
    Ghost ninja warriors who served ShenDu.  They look like real ninjas in black dogi uniforms & hoods except for glowing red eyes that glare out from beneath the hoods.  Chan always fought these ghost ninjas and they always escaped either by disappearing like smoke or mirages or morphing into batwings and flying away.
    Other characters I may include later in my upcoming editions are also from The Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon show...they are:
    Female secret agent and ninja master.  Skilled in breaking & entering, hand to hand combat because she likes wearing her ninja outfit often.
    Masked luchador pro wrestler of Mexico.  Refuses to take off his mask since it would be an insult or disgrace.  Claims no one can beat him in or out of the ring!
    Leader of the underground police headquarters SECTION 13.  It is he who sends Chan on his dangerous assignments but he often joins his best friend in battling evil terrorist forces and his ultimate goal is to CAPTURE VALMONT and destroy the Darkhand Syndicate once and for all!
    Crimeboss & leader of the Darkhand as well as Kung Fu Master.  He hates it when Chan humiliates, beats him, ruins his plans of ruling the world so to speak.  He also served ShenDu as his 2nd In Command before the dragonlord sorcerer was finally defeated and he was freed from being possessed by the evil ghost.
    New bodyguard to Valmont who replaces Tohru.  Master of shorin-ryu karate and other forms of martial arts.  He likes to yell & scream various phrases when he leaps into the air, throwing kicks or punches.
    That's about it for the moment.
Scott Oliverson 

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