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Archie Comics cuz they were so damn cute looking, even their expressions!8/27/01 4:42:51 PM
I've always liked the TMNT Movie form but I like the Next Mutation form better!8/27/01 3:45:57 AM
When are you going to make a computerize animation of the Ninja Turtles?8/23/01 5:40:9 PM
I always had liked TMNT from Archies Comics!8/18/01 5:52:22 PM
TMNT Moives ROX8/16/01 5:51:41 PM
I like the 1994 Animated series alot better then the other cartoon series!8/16/01 5:31:46 PM
Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation form is way past cool, Dude!8/16/01 2:54:52 PM
Animated Series of 1995 was better!8/14/01 2:51:34 PM
Next Mutation series(Live action) is the form that i like best8/14/01 3:56:14 AM
I love the tmnt8/11/01 7:57:17 PM
I seeem to like TMNT movies and Next Mutation form the best because they do like kinda alike in a different way , so next mutation form is better!8/10/01 0:40:50 AM
you should have them computerized animated8/8/01 2:8:12 AM
I liked Next Mutation even more of the best. I wish that they would make into a computerized animation, NOW that would be cool8/7/01 3:38:24 PM
TMNT Movies 1, 2, and 3 were the best but the Next Mutation series (Live Action) was even better8/7/01 3:36:1 PM
TMNT Movies rock8/6/01 3:16:23 PM
TMNT Movie forms are the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!7/27/01 8:01:55 PM
Next Mutation is the bomb and that is the form that I like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!7/27/01 7:31:53 PM
rasmus5/4/01 2:09:39 PM
Animated Series9/19/00 5:46:41 AM
cartoon7/23/00 12:39:40 AM
I like the animated series5/16/00 10:44:24 AM
leonardo4/25/00 1:05:03 PM
animated series4/16/00 10:07:40 AM
tmnt movie 13/10/00 4:23:46 PM
ninjas turtlesII2/15/00 2:32:30 PM
Mondo Gecko1/9/00 4:27:35 AM

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