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all the first ones from the 80's8/27/01 12:32:19 PM
I have 42 cartoon episodes.8/26/01 11:35:22 PM
Almost the all of them from begaming to end!8/23/01 1:30:05 PM
I don't keep track! If I did than I'll tell you!8/18/01 1:42:12 PM
Turtle Tracks, Hot Rodding Teenager From Demision X ,and 9 more witch I wont say!8/16/01 1:26:00 PM
Heros in A Half Shell and 14 others!8/16/01 9:51:20 AM
same number as the year! (hah kidding) I only have 19 ninja turtles episodes on tape but too bad that I did not get the ones from 1995-1996!8/14/01 9:45:56 AM
i got 55 ninja turtles cartoon on tape8/13/01 11:45:17 PM
508/10/01 3:57:19 PM
I would say that I have at least 102 video tapes!8/9/01 7:35:16 PM
0ne to many8/7/01 9:58:24 PM
I only have is just four of the TMNT cartoons and Movies8/7/01 11:25:05 AM
I have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons but they are mostly recorded on tape 8/7/01 11:23:45 AM
I have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons but they are mostly on tape 8/7/01 11:23:11 AM
a bunch. I can't keep up on the numbers8/6/01 10:13:54 AM
I have only 10 cartoon episodes on tape7/27/01 3:55:38 PM
Curse Of The Evil Eye6/18/01 10:04:54 PM
Bye Bye Fly10/7/00 4:55:59 PM
Hot Rodding Teenagers10/7/00 4:55:07 PM
Leatherhead Terror Of The Swamp10/7/00 4:53:53 PM
Turtle Tracks10/7/00 4:52:10 PM
Hot Rodding Teens10/7/00 4:50:54 PM
Shredder & Splinter10/7/00 4:49:44 PM
Enter The Shredder10/7/00 4:48:50 PM
Beneath The Sewers10/7/00 4:43:12 PM
The Mean Machines10/7/00 4:42:03 PM
Splinter No More10/7/00 4:40:38 PM
Return Of The Technodrome10/7/00 4:39:58 PM
Curse Of The Evil Eye10/7/00 4:39:06 PM
The Cat Woman From Channel Six10/7/00 4:38:03 PM
New York's Shiniest10/7/00 4:37:27 PM
Invasion Of The Punk Frogs10/7/00 4:34:35 PM
Enter The Fly10/7/00 4:34:05 PM
It Came From Beneath The Sewers10/7/00 4:33:14 PM
809/10/00 12:07:50 PM
baxter stockman is so cool as a fly8/1/00 7:09:44 PM
rat king and leatherhead were cool sidekicks8/1/00 7:08:44 PM
d4/24/00 5:09:38 PM
where can I get them?4/22/00 8:33:19 PM

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