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Michaelangelo9/17/01 2:56:35 PM
Michaelangelo8/27/01 12:29:19 PM
Donatello8/26/01 11:31:21 PM
I like the Ninja Turtlesboys, but , please don't get afended, the turtle boys are cool, I like Venus. She should've been on the fave NT vote list. 8/23/01 1:25:16 PM
Leonardo, i like his leadership alot!8/18/01 3:01:04 PM
Leonardo, i like his leadership alot!8/18/01 2:59:57 PM
0range is a halloween color and I like Halloween colors so my favorite is Michaelangelo8/18/01 1:37:20 PM
My favorite Ninja Turtle is Michaelangelo!8/18/01 1:35:40 PM
Michealangelo can really party8/16/01 1:35:40 PM
Donatello8/16/01 1:31:35 PM
I like both Leonardo and (she not be in this but) I like Venus De Milo as well!8/16/01 9:46:22 AM
You should have added Venus De Milo to tmnt list...Leonardo was always my 1st favorite Ninja Turtle because I like blue!8/14/01 9:33:47 AM
Michaelangelo is my favorite party-surfing turtle!8/13/01 11:38:58 PM
too bad Venus De Milo's name is not up there, I have always like Michaelangelo8/11/01 6:48:40 AM
My favorite TMNT is Michaelangelo8/9/01 7:31:55 PM
too bad Venus De Milo's name is not up there, I have always like Michaelangelo8/7/01 9:55:22 PM
Purple is my favorite color. Donatello is the best8/7/01 11:18:51 AM
Michaelanglo Rocks8/7/01 11:17:41 AM
I never could stand Raphael's anger so I say that Michaelangelo is my number one favorite turtle8/6/01 10:08:57 AM
My favorite is Michaelangelo. He may not be that bright but he sure can make me Smile!7/27/01 3:46:21 PM
Mikey he is funny7/27/01 3:38:05 PM
Donatello beause he is smart7/27/01 3:25:48 PM
I love Michaelangelo7/27/01 3:08:23 PM
Leonardo4/7/01 5:38:18 AM
Leonardo2/11/01 9:31:24 AM
Raphael is the best turtle ever.10/5/00 7:07:00 PM
you atackt leonardo9/30/00 5:06:43 PM
Shredder is the best9/18/00 7:05:35 PM
gatta love miky!!9/13/00 1:57:22 PM
Raphael Kicks ass9/13/00 12:06:43 PM
Hey-- it's part of my Master Plan that one day everyone will love Leonardo the best!9/5/00 11:45:14 PM
aww... poor Waffie!9/5/00 9:03:41 PM
Leonardo9/5/00 7:09:35 PM

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