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Shredder is my favorite TMNT character of all , I give a a 109/17/01 9:56:57 PM
Shredder rules 3:16 OH hell Yeah9/17/01 9:56:47 PM
Shredder rules9/17/01 9:56:37 PM
Shredder rules 3:16 OH hell Yeah9/17/01 9:56:7 PM
Shredder is my favorite TMNT character of all , I give a a 109/17/01 9:53:33 PM
Raphael can say just about everything8/27/01 4:37:25 PM
Donatello8/27/01 3:38:54 AM
I have the most memorable quotes! Hah Kiding, Donatello does!8/23/01 5:23:48 PM
Rocksteady8/18/01 5:57:45 PM
Bebop or Rocksteady? Yeah right! Now Krang, is the one that I vote for!8/18/01 5:43:34 PM
The one who can have the most memorable quotes are the brainiacacts, so I vote for Donatello!8/18/01 5:41:43 PM
Raphael has the most memorable quotes outta any others!8/18/01 5:39:3 PM
I say Leonardo can come up with any Memorable quotes!8/16/01 5:43:34 PM
Krang I know can come up with the most memorable quotes!8/16/01 5:42:5 PM
Krang!!!! HEY he rules, okay!8/16/01 2:45:24 PM
Shredder had the Most memoreable quotes! But you should have added Carter and Venus to this vote here.8/14/01 2:32:5 PM
Leonardo is my vote!8/14/01 3:46:24 AM
My vote is Raphael because the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle could say just about any wise cracks!8/10/01 0:31:40 AM
Michaelangelo is so silly. i vote for that crazy tmnt because he can really say the funniest thing instead of just COWABUNGA all the time8/8/01 2:0:58 AM
I really vote for Donatello8/7/01 3:25:25 PM
I say Raphael8/7/01 3:24:44 PM
I think that Mike can come up with more words than cowabunga8/6/01 3:06:49 PM
Michaelangelo I LIKE the way he talks!7/27/01 7:53:10 PM
Donatello aways says the smartist ideas so I vote for Donnie!7/27/01 7:20:33 PM
Leonardo4/7/01 9:48:34 AM
shredder should have won3/28/01 12:38:5 AM
cowabunga12/3/00 5:41:19 PM
michaleangelo came up with cowabunga, what was more memerable than tht???12/3/00 4:21:36 PM
Dude Michaelangelo's quotes rule!!!!!11/28/00 10:26:50 PM
dj.scooter11/16/00 8:23:13 AM
w shredder.the most powerful hero of the world11/2/00 8:02:13 AM
turtle power!10/31/00 4:23:31 PM
Leo always either says, " Lets kick shell or turtles fight with honor.10/12/00 10:18:36 PM
get the mutagen10/10/00 10:30:52 AM
get the mutagen10/10/00 10:30:48 AM

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