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I have a crush on Carter9/17/01 7:57:26 PM
Usagi Yojimbo had his comics but you should let him star in his own cartoon he kicks ass8/27/01 4:36:4 PM
I wish that I could have gotten to see more of Carter. He is my baby!8/27/01 3:37:47 AM
Carter can kick ass, so go CARTER. He's number one no loser in my book!8/23/01 5:21:24 PM
Carter is the best out of TMNT allies, HE is like LARGER then life!8/18/01 5:37:0 PM
Lotus...you go girl! She can really kick a man's ass!8/18/01 5:35:22 PM
I've aways like Lotus. Some guys where I'm at wonder what she'll look like naket!8/16/01 5:46:3 PM
I aways like Usagi Yojimbo! He was always my favorite!8/16/01 5:39:41 PM
Carter!!!!!!! YEAH!!! ROCK ON!!!!8/16/01 2:39:24 PM
I like Lotus but I Think that Carter was a lot better. Carter is my most favorite NT ally!8/14/01 2:28:41 PM
Carter because I like that cool mutation monter form8/14/01 3:45:0 AM
Carter! Hey, why not?Everyone should like Carter! He is number one.8/10/01 0:29:14 AM
poor carter. he needs some someone to like him. why don't anyone like poor carter8/8/01 1:57:30 AM
If Lotus was a Spice Girl, her spice name should be "Take-Out Spice" cuz she could kick shedder's ass any time8/7/01 3:23:30 PM
I always liked April O'Neil and Casey Jones, but I like Carter the best8/7/01 3:20:6 PM
Not only did I go for Casey Jones...BUT I mostly vote that Carter was awsome, I be his chick any time!8/6/01 3:04:6 PM
Carter becuse of his changing form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!7/27/01 7:51:38 PM
Carer is so cool7/27/01 7:22:36 PM
Lotus4/7/01 9:47:36 AM
Who is Zach?1/6/01 1:36:15 AM
casey is the best1/4/01 11:41:47 PM
Gus Gus1/2/01 3:41:7 AM
show us some damn pictures12/11/00 8:07:14 PM
Casey is the best12/9/00 8:6:19 AM
Hey,I'm the second person to vote.Cool.I just thought Casey was so cool.His reckless attitude was hilarious,and is my favourite non-turtle in the toon12/5/00 2:20:50 PM

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