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Bebop? Rocksteady? no way! General Tragg and his Rock Soldiers yeah they would win a fight!9/4/01 9:05:35 PM
%#!@ the rest it should be the Foot Soldiers!8/27/01 4:33:52 PM
bad guys sux8/27/01 3:36:16 AM
General Tragg and his Rock Soldiers can beat any one up at anytime. No mercy at all!8/23/01 5:19:29 PM
Foot Soldier are number ones they can smash Shredder's face in if they wantted too.8/18/01 7:04:58 PM
I really dougt that Bebop and Rocksteady are smart enough to befect a helpless rabbit!8/18/01 5:33:39 PM
foot soldiers (yeah,) seek and destroy!8/18/01 5:31:10 PM
I never liked Big Louie & the Gang8/16/01 5:48:35 PM
Poor Foot Soldiers can get their ass smashed by General Tragg & his Rock Soldiers8/16/01 5:36:51 PM
Rock Soldiers ROCK, yeah Seek and distory!8/16/01 2:37:26 PM
GT & his Rock Soldiers rock on they would win8/15/01 4:23:7 PM
Lord Dregg's name shoud have been on the fight vote but "hell" I say General Tragg & his Rock Soldiers!8/14/01 2:26:13 PM
General Tragg and his Rock Soldiers are bound to kick Shredder's ass8/14/01 3:43:12 AM
Rock Soldiers8/10/01 0:26:44 AM
General Tragg and his Rock Soldiers are really power8/8/01 1:55:10 AM
I would say General Tragg and the Rock Soldiers can out smart even Pikachoo any time8/7/01 3:18:16 PM
Bebop and Rocksteady are really tough but not smart so I vote for General Tragg8/7/01 3:16:14 PM
I wish that I would have seen more of Big Louie and his gang!8/6/01 3:01:13 PM
Foot Soldiers 7/27/01 7:50:4 PM
I would say General Tragg and his Rock Soldiers7/27/01 7:24:48 PM
Technodrome4/8/01 4:18:8 PM
foot soldiers rule3/30/01 9:48:6 PM
the rock soldiers and general tragg would win for obvious reasons. they're strong and solid. plus they have highly advanced weapons3/25/01 8:50:1 PM
73/13/01 10:10:16 PM
Public Doman 3/13/01 6:05:48 PM
harold3/10/01 6:00:18 PM
harold3/4/01 2:59:45 AM
DEREK FREDERICKS3/3/01 10:36:11 PM
bebop and rocksteady are the coolest3/2/01 6:33:4 AM
Bebop and Rocksteady2/27/01 9:48:53 PM
because they are with shredder and the brain2/27/01 6:4:57 AM
the art of invisibility2/26/01 3:21:23 PM
is very good2/23/01 3:23:1 PM
they could beat anybody expect the turtles2/21/01 7:46:5 AM
DEREK FREDERICKS2/16/01 10:14:35 AM
hipookeyF:Rubara2/14/01 3:22:1 PM
DEREK FREDERICKS2/13/01 2:56:19 AM

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