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shit I vote Lotus 9/17/01 7:53:5 PM
Lotus has such a body that makes men like me wanna %#!@ with her up, down & all around!9/4/01 8:51:27 PM
Lotus should have gotten the big part, so get with the program people!!8/27/01 4:32:12 PM
Vernon was always the stupid one! There was no way that he could say any rude words to Lotus as he did April. Lotus could kick his butt any time!8/27/01 3:35:21 AM
Power to Lotus!8/23/01 5:17:18 PM
General Traag should have been a star8/18/01 7:01:57 PM
I do like Lotus and Irma so much that I can't decide!8/18/01 5:29:41 PM
Lotus should have the bigger part of the Ninja Turtles cartoon8/18/01 5:28:24 PM
I really think that Baxter Stockman should have the bigger part of the cartoon series!8/16/01 5:50:36 PM
Lotus really should have had a bigger part! 8/16/01 5:33:3 PM
Lotus really can turn a man on so she should've had the bigger part the TMNT cartoon!8/16/01 2:36:1 PM
I like Lotus better then Irma8/15/01 4:20:21 PM
Lotus should have appeared in more other epsodes instead of just two!8/14/01 2:23:41 PM
Lutus should have appeared in more other epsodes instead of just two!8/14/01 2:23:3 PM
both Lotus and Carter should have the bigger part in the cartoon series. But mostly Lotus. I even think Carter's name should be on this vote list!8/14/01 3:41:3 AM
Lotus was always cool!8/10/01 0:25:20 AM
I don't think that any of them shouls because I've too many times. You should have put Carter up there because I never gotten to see much of him8/8/01 1:51:38 AM
Vernon is so stupid that is why everyone should like that 79 percent DUMMY8/8/01 1:48:4 AM
I think Irma is SEXY8/7/01 3:14:6 PM
April O'Neil was always smarter then Irma. I think that Irma was more like a slut to me 'cuz' she's always think about MEN to much! 8/7/01 3:12:51 PM
I never liked Vernon BUT I think Irma is cute8/6/01 2:59:8 PM
Foot Soldiers they're awsome ROCK 0N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!7/27/01 7:48:17 PM
Irma is # one (GIRL P0WER) She would make a greal Spice Girl!7/27/01 7:27:53 PM
Baxter Stockman7/27/01 7:26:6 PM
Curse Of The Evil Eye5/24/01 11:05:49 PM
irma all the way!5/22/01 11:30:34 PM
zu doof5/18/01 3:49:25 PM
actually, i think casey jones is the one tha should have had a bigger part, especially since he was in the movies - brian farland5/17/01 5:39:29 AM
leo5/16/01 7:43:35 AM
Greetings of [SAP]Chemo from Big Berlin5/15/01 3:31:3 PM
I never liked Irma5/13/01 5:16:56 PM
Lotus4/30/01 2:56:12 PM
rat king4/21/01 7:51:14 AM
master j4/21/01 1:14:7 AM
harold4/18/01 10:35:4 PM
girl power go Irma4/11/01 6:51:27 PM
good4/9/01 11:28:14 PM
general traag didnt recieve enough recognition for his obvious fighting and weaponry skills4/9/01 9:54:36 PM
harold4/8/01 7:42:8 PM
Technodrome4/8/01 1:21:51 PM

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