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KRANG9/13/01 9:6:22 AM
Foot Soldiers are my most favorite bad guys!!8/27/01 4:44:8 PM
I use to like Shredder until I found out that he kept Pimiko a secret!8/18/01 5:53:59 PM
none of them but Dragon Lord!8/16/01 5:52:41 PM
All of them started to suck when Lord Dregg came on the cartoon. Lord Dregg is alot better8/16/01 5:30:13 PM
Footsoldiers from the movie ROX, Dude!8/16/01 5:28:35 PM
Alpha 1 is my number one fave!8/16/01 2:56:18 PM
none of them I liked Dragen Lord better!8/14/01 2:53:38 PM
i worship Krang8/14/01 3:57:47 AM
My favorite bad guy are the footsoldiers!8/10/01 0:42:33 AM
poor Bebop8/8/01 2:9:8 AM
I say lets vote for Bebop8/7/01 3:40:6 PM
Alpha 8/7/01 3:39:10 PM
Krang...YOU THE BRAIN, DUDE!8/6/01 3:18:19 PM
Krang...YOU THE BRIAN, DUDE!8/6/01 3:17:59 PM
Shedder YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO'S THA DADDY? SHEDDER IS DA DADDY!!!!!!!!!7/27/01 8:00:18 PM
Shedder YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO'S YOUR DADDY?7/27/01 7:59:16 PM
Krang7/27/01 7:32:53 PM
Shredder4/7/01 9:46:52 AM
the guy who holds krang is definately the koolest8/16/00 11:28:28 PM
Leatherhead8/7/00 11:35:27 PM
rocksteady7/23/00 12:41:06 AM
Shredder is cool, but the Rat King is my fav, and 2nd is General Traag!7/16/00 4:59:10 AM
shredder6/24/00 9:03:17 PM
SLASH5/29/00 6:39:09 AM
Baxter5/26/00 2:19:16 PM
Shredder5/16/00 10:44:48 AM
shredder5/15/00 7:36:21 PM
rocksteady5/5/00 5:30:08 PM
shredder4/16/00 10:08:57 AM
shredder4/3/00 2:02:51 PM
rocksteady3/16/00 8:08:15 AM
krang2/21/00 4:09:06 AM
krang is a geniuine rudeboy2/20/00 10:34:31 AM
krang is the most quality jellyfish i have ever seen2/20/00 10:34:06 AM
krang may well be the ugliest thalidomide mutant i have ever seen, but frankly he dserves our respect, as he has no toes.2/20/00 10:32:35 AM
krang2/20/00 10:17:46 AM
krang2/14/00 4:11:34 AM
KRANG2/14/00 4:11:07 AM
Krang2/12/00 5:15:45 PM
Rocksteady1/12/00 10:36:18 AM
litterror@webtv.net12/28/99 2:14:50 PM
Shred head's cool... but no match for the boys in green!12/15/99 12:22:45 PM
shredder12/10/99 11:22:27 PM
Krang12/2/99 8:08:13 AM
Shredder12/2/99 8:07:01 AM
michael11/28/99 7:37:34 PM
shreder11/12/99 7:50:55 PM

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