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Poll QuestionDate CreatedVotesWinner
How long have you been visiting The Technodrome?10/31/091711 year or less [31%]
How long have you been a TMNT fan?12/24/0847516-20 years [41.7%]
Which Turtle's personality is most like yours?5/4/08429Raphael [33.6%]
Which of these TMNT food items did you like the best?10/31/07139Pizza Crunchabungas [27.3%]
What was your favorite location that the Technodrome
was stuck in?
8/23/033517Dimension X [44%]
Which of the current video game consoles do you own?5/16/031152PlayStation 2 [26%]
Do you watch anime?4/20/03408Yes [61%]
Which of these original cartoon characters is the best leader?3/17/03788Leonardo [35%]
Which location from the original cartoon
do you miss the most in the new cartoon?
2/14/03705Technodrome [56%]
Which TMNT vehicle would you most like to ride in?1/4/03683Turtle Van [40%]
Which good guy related toy accessory is your favorite?12/7/02268Turtle Van/Party Wagon [40%]
Which bad guy related toy accessory is your favorite?11/8/02304Technodrome [54%]
To settle the age-old question:
What are General Traag's troops called?
10/4/02400Rock Soldiers [70%]
Whose past do you wish the cartoon gave more information about?9/6/02410Krang [36%]
Which of these TMNT robots was your favorite?8/1/02418Metalhead [20%]
Which TMNT movie did you like the best?7/15/02309TMNT: The Movie [54%]
Which best expresses or will express the TMNT world?6/11/02367Animation [55%]
Which non-Turtle character do you most
want to see in the new TMNT cartoon?
5/12/02518Shredder [32%]
What is your favorite weapon in TMNT?4/2/02396Sai [21%]
Who's your least favorite bad guy?2/3/02503Dregg [25%]
Which of these good guys had the best
voice actor/actress in the cartoon?
12/6/01333Michaelangelo [31%]
Who's your least favorite good guy?10/2/01502April O'Neil [30%]
Which of the first 5 TMNT cartoon episodes is the best?8/2/0195Shredder & Splintered [29.5%]
Which TMNT robot do you like the best?6/1/01152Metalhead [31.6%]
Which of these characters should have had a
bigger part in the cartoon series?
4/6/0180Rat King [25%]
Which of these groups would win in a fight?2/10/01106Bebop and Rocksteady [38%]
Who is your favorite recurring TMNT ally?12/4/0072Casey Jones [56%]
Which of these TMNT characters has the most memorable quotes?10/9/0064Krang [23%]
Which of the TMNT is your favorite?8/23/0059Raphael [25%]
Who's your favorite secondary bad guy?6/12/0052Baxter Stockman [30%]
How many TMNT cartoon episodes do you have on tape?4/7/002040 or fewer [65%]
Which form of TMNT do you like the best?1/5/0049Animated Series (Cartoon) [46%]
Who's your favorite bad guy?11/9/9924Shredder [66%]

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