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TMNT Voice Cast

This is a list of characters from the TMNT cartoon show and their corresponding voice actors/actresses. If you have any additions or corrections to make to this list, please let me know.

Alex WinterTony Jay
AntraxPat Fraley
April O'NeilRenae Jacobs
Attila the FrogCam Clarke
Aunt AggieJoan Gerber
Barney StockmanPat Fraley
Baxter StockmanPat Fraley
BebopBarry Gordon
Bebop (1989 Alternate)Greg Berg
Big LouiePeter Renaday
Bugman/Brick BradleyDan Gilvezan
Burne ThompsonPat Fraley
Burne Thompson (Alternate)Townsend Coleman
Captain DreddPeter Renaday
Captain HoffmanJim Cummings
Captain McFilchThom Pinto
CarterBumper Robinson
Casey JonesPat Fraley
Chrome DomePeter Renaday
Dask the NeutrinoThom Pinto
DirtbagJim Cummings
Don TurtelliPeter Renaday
DonatelloBarry Gordon
Donatello (1989 Alternate)Greg Berg
Dr. Jane GoodfellowPhylicia Rashad
DrakusJim Cummings
ElectrozapperTownsend Coleman
Frip the PolarisoidTony Pope
General TraagPeter Renaday
Genghis FrogJim Cummings
The Great BoldiniPeter Renaday
GroundchuckCam Clarke
Hi-TechRob Paulsen
Hi-Tech (1996 Alternate)Cam Clarke
High-BeamRob Paulsen
Hokum HareTownsend Coleman
IrmaJennifer Darling
J. Gordon HungerdungerAlan Oppenheimer
Kala the NeutrinoTress MacNeille
KermaJan Rabson
KrangPat Fraley
Krang (Alternate)Townsend Coleman
LeatherheadJim Cummings
Leatherhead (1993 Alternate)Peter Renaday
LeonardoCam Clarke
Lord DreggTony Jay
LotusRenae Jacobs
Lt. GranitorPat Fraley
MacDonald CrumpThom Pinto
MegaVoltTony Jay
MichaelangeloTownsend Coleman
Miyoko (Shredder's Mother)Jennifer Darling
Mona LisaPat Musick
Mr. OggRob Paulsen
MungCam Clarke
Napoleon BonafrogPat Fraley
O.M.N.S.S.Peter Renaday
OverDriveCam Clarke
Professor Willard W. WillardRob Paulsen
Pinky McFingersPeter Renaday
QuarxElisabeth Daily
RaphaelRob Paulsen
Raphael (1989, 1993 Alternate)Hal Rayle
Raphael (1996 Season)Michael Gough
RaptorPat Fraley
Rasputin the Mad FrogNicholas Omana
The Rat KingTownsend Coleman
Ray FiletPat Fraley
Rex-1Jack Angel
RocksteadyCam Clarke
ScrewlooseTownsend Coleman
ScumbugPat Fraley
SeisureBarry Gordon
ShredderJames Avery
Shredder (1989 Alternate)Dorian Harewood
Shredder (1991 Alternate)Jim Cummings
Shredder (1993 Alternate)Townsend Coleman
Shredder (1994-1996 Seasons)William E. Martin
SlashPat Fraley
Slash (Dojo Master)Peter Cullen
SplinterPeter Renaday
Splinter (1991 Alternate)Townsend Coleman
TempestraTress MacNeille
TiffanyJennifer Darling
TitanusPat Fraley
Tribble the NeutrinoTress MacNeille
Usagi YojimboTownsend Coleman
Vernon FenwickPeter Renaday
Vernon Fenwick (1987 Season)Pat Fraley
Walt (Zach's Brother)Nicholas Omana
WingnutRob Paulsen
Zach the "Fifth Turtle"Rob Paulsen
Zak the NeutrinoPat Fraley
(Additional Voices)Hamilton Camp
(Additional Voices)Gaille Heideman
(Additional Voices)Maggie Roswell
(Additional Voices)Beau Weaver

Thanks to Garfieldodie43, Emanuelj8, tone-master21, and Rutger for contributing to this list.
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