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    When will the technodrome be brought back to earth?

    Posted by gary on 6/8/2001, 8:50 am

    In the final episode, I remember that the technodrome was stuck in dimension-x and krang and shreddar were stuck on earth. Krang's rock soldiers got the technodrome free from the black hole that it was stuck in. Later, the turtles got to the technodrome and destroyed the engines. A giant plant monster grabbbed the technodrome and krang said,"I rue the day I met those blasted turtles!". The technodrome got pulled upside down and landed on the ground, eye first. That was the last episode I had ever seen made. Never once did I see the technodrome destroyed. Knowing shreddar and krang, they could no doubt find a way to repair the engines and create a portal to earth large enough to get the technodrome through. I remember that season well because in every episode the sky was red and shreddar's voice was different. The show wasn't under Dublin instead of swenson. And did anybody remember the new episodes they had on fox a few years ago. There were ones with shreddar's mother and the energy collector that krang stole from another dimension that was like $19.95?


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