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    Re: Lost TMNT game!!!!!

    Posted by Optimus Prime on 8/14/2001, 5:18 pm , in reply to "Lost TMNT game!!!!!"

    WOW, I didn't even know it existed! What is it like? Is it similar to other TMNT games, if so which one is it like?

    --Previous Message--
    : Nobody seems to know about the PC game,
    : TMNT: The Manhattan Missions. It's
    : like it was lost or something.
    : Even the TMNT web site doesn't
    : have it! Bummer, huh? =O)I have
    : it, and it rocks. I've got a link
    : if anybody wants to download it.
    : I'll see you dudes later!
    : COWABUNGA!!!
    : TurtleFan00


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