Chapter 11

Raph got up from the side of the roof and turned off the stereo. He then leaned against the wall and stared into space.

"What’s wrong now?" I asked. "Still mad at Leo?"

"Sorta…" he muttered. "I can’t believe he said that…"

"He was just mad. It’s my fault; I’m the one who started calling him Leonerdo."

"So? He still had no right."

"Well you gotta remember what you said to him."

Raph huffed and gnashed his teeth. "He knew I was kidd’n! He shouldn’t have said that!"

"What?" I asked simply. "That you happen to like whomever: some girl on T.V. or some model? What’s so embarrassing about that? I mean, I think that Jonathan Taylor Thomas is cute…"

"Him?" Raph scoffed. "That dude’s totally gay!"

"In your opinion, not mine… and he isn’t the only person that I think is cute…"

"Who else do you think is ‘cute’?"

"Lots of people…" I explained. "I don’t only go by looks, ya know. I like someone with a good personality…"

"…Oh…" he said and began to stare into space again.

I sighed and looked out into the city again; I could see the Empire State building from here. I think I visited that place once. Not that it really mattered.

I looked over at Raph and began thinking about how he acted. It was obvious that he had dreams that he thought could never come true. Something told me that he wished that he were human for some reason. Maybe so he could be like everyone else in the world, so he could walk on the streets in the middle of the day, so he could do things that humans do. But I knew that being human wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be, especially as a teenager.

I got and leaned next to Raph. I still wondered what he was thinking about, but from the look of his face, he was obviously debating over something.

We stood there for a while until he suddenly spoke. "You say you like a guy with a good personality."

"Yeah…" I replied. Why was he bringing this up again?

"What do ya mean by a good personality?"

"I dunno… I mean a lot of things," I replied thoughtfully. "Someone who’s nice… smart… but… not too nice, ya know? I don’t like people who are too much of a ‘goody two shoes.’"

"Nice but not?" Raph scratched the back of his neck. "Ain’t that sorta contradictory?"

"No. You’re nice, but you can be mean too." I smirked and walked a few steps towards the opposing wall. "So they’re not paradoxical traits."


"Paradoxical, it means the same thing as contradictory."

"Oh…" he muttered. "Well I ain’t smart like that…"

I turned to him and frowned. "Don’t say that! You’re smart; just because you may not know something doesn’t mean you aren’t."

Raph smiled a bit. "Randi, I gotta tell ya something…"

"What-ouch!" Something just stung me! I reached for my left shoulder and pulled out a… dart? What the hell?


"Raph?" I said woozily. "Who shoots tranquil…" The world swirled and went blank before I could finish my sentence.

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