Chapter 12

"…Get away from her, Bone Head!" Raph’s angry voice yelled.

"Bone Steel… BONE STEEL!" a weird new voice snapped.

"Don’t touch her!" Raph bellowed. "If you do, I’ll…"

"Do what? You’re tied up!"

I had no idea what was going on. For some reason I couldn’t open my eyes; I felt too sleepy.

"She’s a cute one, isn’t she?" the stranger said with a smile in his voice. "She must be the smallest of the group! How come I haven’t seen her before?"

"That ain’t any of your business!" Raph snarled. He then yelled, "Don’t touch her!" just as I felt someone squeeze my left arm. "Leave her alone!"

"Not much muscle on the kid…" the voice said, ignoring Raphael, "but I bet her meat is tender."

"You won’t! You can’t! I won’t let you!" Raph screamed.

Meat? What the hell was this guy ‘Bone Steel’ talking about? What did Raph call him: ‘Bone Head’? Where have I heard that before? I remember; he was one of the many people the others had often talked about and never explained to me who they were.

I felt a hand squeeze my cheek and heard Bone Steel say, "Or maybe I could sell her to a circus! She’s small enough; they’d pay millions to have her in their freak show."

"Freak show?" I said drowsily and tried to open my eyes. "I… don’t take lightly to… captivity…"


"Get used to it, kid," Bone Steel said with a peculiar chuckle. "Cause you are gonna be caged for the rest of your life!"

"No she won’t!" Raph screamed. "Get away from her, Bone Head! I mean it!"

"Oh shut up! I’ve got plans for you… I’ve been wanting a new coffee table."

"You… ass hole…" I said, as I finally was able to open my eye, only to see a blurry sight. "What are you? Some kinda poacher?"

"She’s smart too!" a blur that I assumed to be Bone Steel said. "The Circus will love that!"

I tried to move my arms and legs only to find that they were chained. "I don’t take captivity too lightly," I warned calmly, even though I felt an extreme anger rising through my throat.

"Too bad!"

I blinked at the blur in front of me and my vision cleared. "Damn, you’re one ugly man!"

The man clicked his tongue and pointed at me. "You’re in no position to give insults."

"You’re in no position to decide the fate of a sentient being!" I snapped. "What the hell is wrong with people these days? Killing innocent beings for pleasure… Showing off beings that think like a human might and feel like a human might… Have you ever been a captive? I have! And I don’t take captivity lightly."

"Nice to know how you feel about the subject…" Bone Steel said, but I interrupted him before he could finish.

"Nice? Nice? It’s more than that, dumb ass! How dare you think that you can kill any ‘animal’ that you want… don’t you give a shit about the balance of nature?" The anger in my throat rose even higher. "Don’t you give a shit that if you kill Raph or me, you will be basically committing murder?"

"Now listen here! You…"

"Shut up!" I screamed just as an old microwave exploded.

"What in…" Bone Steel turned and stared at the burning remains of his microwave. "H… how?"

I blinked, slightly confused, and then realized that Raph was staring at me with his jaw dropped. "What?" I asked. "It’s my opinion…"

"Yeah I know, but… the microwave…"

"That’s just a coincidence."

"That is it!" Bone Steel grabbed a weird-looking gun and pointed it at me. "Say night night!"

"Only if you will first!" I yelled and the small T.V. set of his exploded.

The explosion startled Bone Steel and he misfired his shot; it ricocheted off of the chain holding my right wrist, bounced off a wall, bounced off a stuffed monkey, and hit Bone Steel right in the leg.

"Not again!" He muttered before he passed out.

"Okay…" I sighed. "Now that was weird."

"Yeah… but let’s worry about how ta get outta here," Raph replied.

"Maybe…" I said thoughtfully, and then, with a bit of work, I slipped my wrists out of the cuffs.

"How’s that gonna help?" Raph asked but then saw my plan. "Oh… good think’n."

I bent down and reached for the pocket of the unconscious ‘Bone Head.’ "Yep… they’re here…" With more effort, I was able to pull out the keys and get my ankles out of the cuffs.

"Great!" Raph exclaimed. "Now release me! Randi?"

"Tell me what you were gonna say first."

"Say what? When?"

"Before I got hit with that tranquilizer," I replied.

Raph’s eyes grew wide and he suddenly looked at the ground. "I was uhm… gonna say thanks for uhm… talk’n with me…"

I knew that was a lie, but I didn’t question him on it; there was no reason. If he really wanted to tell me, he would have. I undid his cuffs, and he walked back to his motorcycle.

"Well this was an interesting night," I muttered. "I gain some of my memory back, I meet two of your friends… and an enemy…"

"Yeah…" Raph said quietly and handed me my helmet. "What next?"

"Who knows?" I replied. "Halloween is in a week."

"Yeah… That’ll be fun…"

"I guess… I mean I’ll be 18 and all…" That just slipped out my mouth. I was going to be 18 on Halloween?

"Your birthday is coming up?"

"Yeah… I guess."

"Why didn’t you say someth’n before?"

"Cause I just remembered," I explained. "Don’t tell the others."


"Just don’t."

"Okay, whatever."

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