Chapter 14

I woke up later to realize that there was someone in my room. I couldn’t tell who because they stood in the darkest part of the shadows.

"Who’s there? Leave me alone," I ordered with an icy tone to my voice. "Get out."

"You said you wanted to know who the Rank and Silver Gang were," the figure said with Leo’s voice.

"Yeah I did, but don’t you know how to knock, Nerdo?"

Leo stepped into the dim light and said, "I did, but you were asleep."

"So you couldn’t just wait outside?"

Leonardo shrugged at this and said, "So do you want to know or not?"

"Yeah. I do."

Leo then proceeded to explain everything to me, the entire history of how the ‘Foot’ came to be, Shedder’s real name, how the turtles themselves had mutated, what had happened to Venus, how they met the Rank and what the Rank was, how they met Bone Steel, the Vampires and Silver’s gang.

"So… this Oroku Saki guy was an enemy of Splinter’s master, Yoshi…" I said thoughtfully, trying to measure out everything that Leonardo had told me.

"Yeah, he soon became Shredder and…"

"Started up the ‘Foot Clan.’" I finished. "And Venus was in the original glass jar with you and the others, but after getting in contact with the ‘Ooze’ she floated downstream and was found by someone else."


"Now if I can only remember how I became a turtle…" I let out a nervous chuckle. "From Human to Turtle… How could it be done?"

"You’ll figure it out sooner or later." Leo smirked.

"Even if I did, I don’t think I’d want to think about it…" I muttered. "What day is it?"

"Friday, October 25th." Leo said.

"Okay… well do you think that you could like… leave now? I wanna sleep."

"It’s 1:30 in the afternoon!"

"Yeah well when I’m angry, I get depressed, and when I’m depressed, I get tired."

"Okay, okay…" Leo said as he walked out. "See ya later then."

"Yeah. Later."

As soon as Leo closed the door I got up and got ready. I’d leave that night. I knew where Morgan and Dianne were! I knew! The memory of where they were had popped into my brain when Raph and I had been captured by Bone Steel. Now that I knew where they were I had to save them, but I didn’t want to risk the safety of the group. There was a chance that it wouldn’t work and we’d all be captured. I didn’t want to risk that.

I came out only once to get my share of the pizza that Mikey had brought and a bit of food for Magia and waited until I knew for sure that everyone was asleep. I then snuck into the kitchen and took a bag of crackers for Magia and an apple for me and placed them into an old backpack along with Magia herself. Then, as quietly as I could, I climbed up the ladder and left the lair for the last time.


I made my way through the sewers and pass the group’s ‘garage’ and started my trek toward the dump where Raph had found me. This was the only way for me to get to where Morgan and Dianne were because I didn’t know any other way to get there.

Once I reached the dump, I stopped and rested for a bit. Which way do I go now? I closed my eyes and tried to remember. I could remember running through the main entrance of the dump, but that was all.

A purring sound from behind me made me stiffen for a moment but I calmed down reminding myself it was just a cat. "Hello kitty… Ack!"

It was no ordinary cat; it was a mutant!

"Miss Turtle thingy have food?" she asked innocently.

"Uhm… only an apple and some crackers…" I said as I backed away from her. "That’s all…"

"You from lab?"

"What lab?"

"The lab… triangle head lab…" she replied and took a step closer.

What did she mean by ‘Triangle head lab’? "Tri… Triangle?" Wait a minute: Triangle… Tricle… "Do you mean Tricle?"

The mutant cat smiled and shook her head yes. "Uh huh! You from Tricle Head’s lab?"

Was I? Who or what was Tricle? Then it hit me; Tricle was the old man in my dream! "Yes! I was from Tricle’s lab."

"You escape?" the cat asked. "How you escape? Did not Cobra man catch you?"

"Cobra man?"

She nodded and said, "He have no legs, only snake tail; he have upper body like human person…"

"…And a cobra hood that attached from his shoulders to his cobra-like head…" I finished. "Cobro…"

"Cobro mean."

"Yeah…" I agreed. He had chased after me the day I escaped; I had reached the dump before he had caught up with me. How did I get the broken leg though? I know. Once Cobro caught me, he beat me up a bit. He lifted me by the neck and went to the top of a large pile of motor parts. He tossed me down the pile full-force just as Raphael had entered the yard on his bike. The noise and lights of the motorcycle scared Cobro away.

"Can you take me back to Tricle’s Lab?" I asked sweetly.

"What for?" the cat asked. "Tricle mean!"

"I have friends that need to be freed…" I explained. "Will you please take me?"

"You free Michaela too?"

"I’d be glad to."

"Okay! Me show you!"

"By the way, what’s your name?"


"Thanks, Ribbon. I’m Randi."

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