Chapter 15

Ribbon lead me through the junkyard to a hole in the fence. After we crawled through that, she brought me to a dark alleyway and simply said, "Climb up."

"Easy for you to say…" I grumbled as she hopped up and caught the ladder. "I can’t grab that thing for the life of me."

"I help then." She dropped down until she hung by her knees and reached out to me. "Hold hands, I pull you up."

"Are you sure you are strong enough for that?"

"Me ‘specially strong… can lift cars!"

And she was strong; she was able to lift herself and me up to the whole of the ladder. "Wow," I commented. "Watching you do that makes me wish I had powers."

"You do."

"I what?"

"You come from Tricle head’s lab… you have special ‘bility."

"Like what?"

"I dunno," Ribbon said as we reached a roof. "I am strong… Michaela makes explosions… Pandora is a supreme fighter…"

"Pandora?" I asked as Ribbon set a large board down between our roof and another one. "Who’s Pandora?"

"She a panther in Tricle head’s lab."

"Oh… whom else do you know about?"

Ribbon shrugged and used the board as a bridge. "Chynna super fast."

"Lemme guess, she’s a cheetah, right?"


"Do you know about a turtle named Dianne?"

"She super smart… She like computer!"

"And Morgan?"

"She… She… a healer…"


Ribbon pointed to her left shoulder. "Cobro slash at me, I get hurt… Morgan make hurt go away."

"Oh, I see…"

"We here."

"We are?"

"We on roof…" Ribbon explained. "Safe way in, we take air ducts to cellar…"

"That’s where they are," I muttered. "I don’t think I can fit in an air duct."

"Yes you can… it big duct…"

"Okay, whatever you say."

Ribbon smiled and motioned for me to follow her.


As we crawled through the air duct, I fought the urge to sneeze; there was way too much dust in there!

"How much farther?" I whispered.

"SHH! We have a little more."

I quietly followed Ribbon for a bit longer until she stopped. "What now?" I whispered.

"Air vent…"


It was now that I figured out that Ribbon was actually very smart; she just couldn’t speak that well. The cat was a very resourceful humanoid. She used her claws to unscrew the screws of the air duct and hopped out.

"We no talk now… Cobro on patrol."

I nodded in response. Cobro. He almost killed me the last time I met him; I didn’t want a repeat performance.

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