Chapter 17

In all the excitement in meeting Ribbon, Michaela, Chynna, and Pandora, I had completely forgotten that Magia was in my backpack. I remembered that she was there when Chynna saw her poke out her head.

"Is that what I think it is?" she asked in a barely audible voice. "Randi love! You found her…"

"Who?" I turned and blinked at Chynna. "Oh Magia…"

"Ye found her! Where?" Pandora said, taking Magia out of the bag.

"In a junkyard when I was with…" I quieted and lowered my eyes. I had found Magia when I was with Raph; I named her after Raphael Santi’s mother!

"Ye found Kenya!" Pandora softly hugged Magia. "This be Kenya! Ye found Kenya!"

"Ken… Kenya?"

"Don’t ye remem…" Pandora stopped just as the crocodile guards passed by. "Don’t ye remember? She ran cell-to-cell keep’n us company!"

"Who’s is she?"

"Well…" Pandora looked down at Magia/Kenya. "She was mine… But… She be yours now…"

I smirked. "She ours."

Pandora’s eyes twinkled with joy. "I be sorry that I treated ya rudely Randi… Ya did keep yer promise an’ ya brought back Kenya…"

"We’re not done yet," I muttered.

"We need to get Dianne an’ Morgan out…" Chynna added.

I nodded and peeked out the crack of the door. No one was in sight. I looked in the other direction: no one.

I opened the door to Chynna and Pandora’s prison cell slowly and made my way across just in time to hear Morgan whine: "Dianne… I wanna be optimistic, but… what if she’s dead somewhere?"

"What if she’s here to save you?" I whispered though the window of bars.

"Randi?" I heard them say simultaneously.

"Hush!" I ordered as I found the key to their cell and opened the door and gazed in. There they sat, huddled in the corner on an old bench.

"Randi?" Morgan stood up and stared at me in disbelief.

"Hush… let’s get out of here."

It was to our luck that we were allied with three cats and a hare; they used their sense of smell and hearing to get us out of the prison and up to the first level without notice. But then, our luck turned against us.

"Vell! Vell! Randi has returned in a FAILED attempted to save her friends!" I knew that voice; it was from my dream.

"Tricle…" I growled and turned to see a frail old man standing next to a nine-foot snake-like monstrosity. "Cobro…"

"Ssso… Randi isss back…" the cobra mutation sneered.


The seven of us lined up side-by-side and glared at the snake-monster and his creator.

"What do we do?" Morgan whimpered. "I can’t fight! I can only heal things!"

"Then you stay back…" I replied. "Dianne… what can you do?"

"Without a computer? Electrocute."

"Michaela?" My eyes darted toward the rusted colored hare for a split second and were back on Cobro.

"Uhm… burn the bloke’s tail?"

"She be Pyrokinetic," Pandora replied.

"Pandora, you do that ‘strife’ thing of yours… Chynna? You use your speed…"

"What do we do?"

"Fight," I replied.

I had no idea what I was going to do; I wasn’t sure how I was to control or use my power, much less use it against Cobro and Tricle.

"STRIFE!" Pandora screamed. I watched in shock as a black mist surrounded her then shot toward the attacking crocodiles; as the mist cleared away from the four, it could be seen that they were arguing over who stepped on whose tail!

Zoom! Something went past me. Zoom! There it was again! I then saw an orange colored blur stop momentarily to pick up a rope. ‘Good think’n, Chynna,’ I thought as Morgan escorted me to a safe place.

"Randi! Ya gotta help ‘em!" Morgan cried. "You gotta!"


"Use YOUR powers!" she replied. "Make things fly at ‘em!"

"How?" I asked, my eyes still fixed on the fight.

"Randi, you have the powers to move things… you’ve always had that power!"

"Telekinesis," I replied. "I can’t control it."

"You gotta try!"

"I never had that ability before."

"Yes you did! You always did!"

"I did?"

"That’s why Tricle sought us out!" Morgan explained. "We had some mutant gene or something… and it gave us our powers!"

"It did?"

"It was also what Tricle needed for his mutations…"

"So he sought US out…"


"Morgan? I don’t think I can use my Telekinesis…"

"You gotta try! You always used it when you were mad…"

"Okay… you stay here… only come out to heal people…"

Morgan nodded as I ran out just as Cobro knocked Dianne away from the main computer, causing her to hit a pile of unknown appliances and black out.

"Dianne!" I screamed and turned to the hideous cobra. "You… You dumb ass!"

"Me? Ha! You ssshouldn’t have come out of-…"

"I HAVE MY DINKER!" Michaela cried loudly. "Now I can fight!"

"THEN FIGHT!" Pandora growled as she kept her spell on the four crocodiles.

"Okay!" Michaela shrugged and threw a ball of fire at Cobro, only to miss. "Uh oh!"

"Ha!" Cobro laughed and swung his tail around toward us.

I was able to dodge, but poor Michaela didn’t see it coming! She hit the wall and was down.

"No!" I screamed, feeling anger rise through my throat.

"Ah… did the bunny get a boo-boo?" Cobro laughed as a cloud of black mist surrounded him.

Pandora! But how did she… Oh. Chynna had tied up the four crocs and now Ribbon was smacking them around.

"Argh!" Cobro cried. "Look at me! I’m a freak! But I have Power! I have Venom! But I’m not human!"

"Internal Strife," Pandora said. "Man Vs. Self."

That was great and all, but where was Tricle? I still hadn’t figured out how to use my powers.

A scream filled the lab. Morgan was face-to-face with the barrel of a gun, and its bearer was Tricle.

"Looking for me?" he smirked.

"Leave her alone!" I screamed. "Or else!"

"Or else what?" Tricle laughed. "It is obvious that you cannot control your power. Pandora is busy… Chynna is fast, but not fast enough… Dianne and Michaela are out… and Ribbon is no help either!"

"If you kill her so help me GOD!"

"What? Will you kill me?" Tricle laughed evilly. "And this is coming from the one who cannot control her power!"

"Power or not!" I screamed; the anger was rising higher and higher in my throat. "If you try to kill her… I’ll kill YOU!"

"Ha! You- what?" Tricle blinked at the gun in his hand; it was moving, against his will, away from Morgan and to his own head. "This… How?"

"I will not let you kill anyone! Not one of my friends…" I cringed as the gun fired and Tricle slumped to the ground. I turned and glared at the strife ridden Cobro. "Not Bone Steel, not Tricle… Not YOU!" Pieces of large, sharp metal floated into the air and flew toward the mutated cobra, slicing and piercing his skin.

Cobro screamed in pain and Pandora’s spell on him was released. "ARGH! How dare you…"

"HOW DARE YOU!" I screamed. "You, like me… like EVERYONE else here was once human, and yet you acted like a savage animal! You tried to kill me!" More metal rose into the air. "The only way to stop you is to kill you, Cobro… or should I say, LOGAN!"

"You were always a bitch, Randi! A real bitch!" the bleeding Cobro/Logan sneered. "No wonder why your only friends were Morgan and Dianne… everyone else hated you… you couldn’t even get a date…"

"I didn’t WANT to date! Everyone at Klein were jerks! The only GOOD people were Morgan and Dianne! That’s why I befriended them!"

"You were the most hated girl in our high school and you know it."

"I didn’t care then, and I don’t care now!"

"Too… bad you’re a turtle now… there ain’t no way any guy will date you now…"

"Not… SO!" I retorted as the second floating mass hit him. "Raph will always be there!" Before Cobro could reply, the mass of metal pushed him into the computer console and the jagged pieces crashed through the mainframe, creating a large explosion. As the smoke cleared, nothing was left but flames and a roasted snake, and a few feet away from the flames was dynamite!

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