"Get Dianne! Get Michaela! Where’s Ma… Kenya?" I screamed over the roaring fire. "We gotta get outa here!" Kenya/Magia squeaked from inside my bag. Good, she was safe.

"Me got Michaela!" Ribbon cried with the hare on her shoulders.

"An’ we have Dianne!" Chynna called out.

"Come on!" I yelled as I untied the waking crocodiles. "Come on, you guys!"

They blinked at me stupidly until they saw the fire and ran like bats out of hell. We too ran. Strangely enough, we ran straight onto a runway.

"I didn’t know that the lab was so close to an airport!"

"Neither did we," Chynna and Pandora replied, their eyes throwing darts at Ribbon.

"What? You no hear planes?"

"We need to get to cover!" I yelled.

"Plane good cover!" Ribbon pointed toward a small jet. "No humans in dat one!"

I didn’t have time to think. Dawn was approaching, and a warehouse was about to explode!


We shut the hull of the plane a millisecond before the blast came. It rocked the jet a bit, but other than that, it did not harm us.

"What we do?" Ribbon asked. "Mickey not awake."

"Dianne is unconscious too," Morgan sighed. "I can only heal their wounds."

"Then do that…" I ordered and looked about the cargo cab. It was full of mail addressed to… Puerto Rico?

"Uhm, Ribbon… Are you sure that this plane won’t take off?"

"Me think…"

"We got everythin?" a faint voice asked.

"Yeah. I checked before that big explosion," a second voice replied. "Good thing that it didn’t reach the jet."

"Yeah. An’ too bad we can’t find out what happened," the first replied. "C’mon… Control says it’s our turn… Puerto Rico, here we come!"

"Uh oh…" Ribbon gave me a solemn look. "Me sorry!"

"I… It’s okay, Ribbon…" I lied.

As the plane took off, silence grew as a thick fog in the air around us. We all knew what would happen if we spoke.

I sat in the corner, pulling my knees to my chest. So I had been the one who caused that poacher’s appliances to explode… Telekinesis, who would have guessed? That didn’t matter now; all that had mattered was that I saved my friends. I had kept my promise.

"Randi…" Morgan said in a soft whisper. "Who’s Raph?"

I blinked at her. ‘Who’s Raph? Who is Raph?’ I thought. ‘He is a kind, strong rebel of a turtle, but he is more than that… Raph was…’ I felt the Burnt Ice behind my eyes; not once when I was with the Ninja Turtles did I cry, yet I had often felt the telltale sign of the Burnt Ice behind my eyes.

I held in a sob as something wet rolled down my right cheek. ‘I love him… I love Raph…’ I closed my eyes as more tears rolled down my cheeks. ‘Why hadn’t I realized it before? It was too late now; we were on our way to Puerto Rico with little or no chance of getting back. I had lost him before I even had him!’

Morgan lowered her eyes as I continued to cry silently. I think she knew the feeling of Burnt Ice.

The End.

Or is it, my friend?

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