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    Re: Inconsistencies in episodes

    Posted by Cammy on 7/6/2001, 5:37 pm , in reply to "Inconsistencies in episodes"

    : Why is it that when the technodrome was
    : sent to dimension-x by a missle
    : and hit an asteroid head first,
    : that in the next season, it's now
    : standing up the right way next to
    : a volcano?

    That's a very good question. They probably switched writers between the two eps. I also noticed that in that same ep, the Turtles mention that in the previous ep Shredder was trying to get Channel 6's new broadcasting equipment when he really wasn't.

    Where was the
    : technodrome located within
    : dimension-x when krang first
    : brought it back to earth? On an
    : asteroid? In another episode krang
    : mentioned that when the volcano
    : errupted, it completely destroyed
    : the technodrome's main computer.
    : Yet, in a later episode with the
    : neutrinos, Krang discovers that
    : the mountain the technodrome is on
    : is a volcano?

    Krang discovers the volcano in "The Dimension X Story" and tries to use explosives to free the Technodrome, but is thwarted my Mike and Raph whom Shredder had transported earlier in the episode. The volcano erupted and surrounded the Tecjnodrome's wheels and damaged the main computer. In the episode that follows, Krang mentions that the volcano damaged the maion computer, so that's how those two fit in.


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